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While not quite the Ritz Carlton, we will help subsidise boarding at local catteries and kennels for those four legged friends who urgently need a temporary home. We provide short-term care for the companion animals of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, residing at a refuge or accessing medical care themselves.

Terms and conditions

This program is only available to pension or health care card holders.

All pets must have up to date vaccinations. If updates are required, help may be provided via our Code Rainbow program

Where the client is escaping domestic violence, transport to and from the kennel will be provided. This is to protect the privacy and ensure the safety of the boarding kennels and catteries. Unfortunately, in such situations, the client will not be told where their pet will be boarded. In turn, the cattery and boarding kennels will not be provided any details regarding who the pet belongs too. In all other situations, the client is responsible to booking their pet into the boarding kennel or cattery and arranging transport to and from the boarding kennel or cattery.

To access our Hotel Bookings program, a referral is needed from a social worker, a refuge or similiar community organisation.

Please Contact us if your pet requires emergency boarding

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